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Genesis Neuro is a cognitive performance clinic that uses neurofeedback and neuro-stimulation to coach the brain into more healthy patterns of behavior. We were started with the idea that the are better paths to mental performance outside of medications. Genesis Neuro serves the Denver Metro area and Northern Colorado

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What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback is a technique used to operantly condition the brain. Everyone’s brain has a unique way of behaving. This unique behavior can be seen as electrical activity and is viewed using a QEEG analysis. The QEEG gives insights into how a brain is performing and how areas of the brain are interacting.

Using a QEEG as a guide can point to which areas of the brain are causing things like anxiety or depression. Neurofeedback can then be used to coach those areas of the brain by conditioning the brain to produce a different pattern of behavior.

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2 Two Types of Neurofeedback

In-person sessions at our location will have more advanced equipment and will have a greater impact on performance. For those who are looking to close a bigger gap or make a large improvement in a performance area should come into the office. For the best results 20 sessions twice a week over 10 weeks is recommended.
We also offer remote sessions. You will be able to bring the technology into your home and do sessions yourself. Remote sessions are best suited for those who would like to get an edge and improve focus and mood regulation.